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Latest Love Shayari and Best Hindi Shayari Love

Latest Love Shayari and Best Hindi Shayari Love

Love Shayari

Shayari is an expression of a poet done in a poetic manner.  In fact, Shayari presents a combination of two or more Shers. A poet is a person observing his feelings and writing down the Shayari form. Get info on Love Shayari here. Read Love quotes in English here.

Poets bring out the feelings and emotions as the best Shayari ever.  They risk their lives a lot to come out with meaningful expressions in their poems and Shayari. This is owing to their love for Shayari.

best shayari ever

Poetry brings out feelings and true emotions and you will see various Shayari types expressing fathomable emotions. There is a special place in the hearts of people as it deals with the feelings of people each time.

Shayari inclusions

The Shayaris include a lot of love Shayar, cute love Shayar, Dard love Shayar, love best Shayari, sad and loveShayari, Dosti Shayari, Dosti love Shayari, loveShayari Hindi, Love Shayar English, and so on.

There is a large collection of Shayaris for the people who loveShayari or Shayari lovers. Thes Shayaris are a beautiful way of sending your feelings, wishes or emotions to the lovers of Shayari. They can be sent to people who have feelings and you will notice Shayari is classified also now as attitude loveshayari, true love shayari, annoyed love-Shayari, and so on.


love shayri wiki



The love shayar collection is the cutest of all as it brings the love images that is a **** assemble of the love Shayar. Now, if you are not good with shayari, you can get them through the internet. They are available under various classifications such as romantic shayari, loveShayar in Hindi, love sad shayari and beautiful Hindi love shayari. These can change a life.sad & love shayri

This shayari represents true love and is the vast collection that is also used in WhatsApp status and Facebook posts. Making it as wallpaper by downloading is possible now.

There is no need to always go deep with emotion looking for love or dard shayari. Life is full of challenges and so considering a new style of funny loveshayari also brings a big smile such as:

shayari love

For more info, visit @ Best Shayari Ever

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Souled Store – The Best eCommerce website

Souled Store – The Best eCommerce website

Souled Store

The online fashion market growing in many folds and it is expected by 2020 to cross $30 billion. Today, there are tons of companies emerging to cater the growing demands and e-commerce stores such as Amazon or Flipkart require a great online presence. Get info on Souled Store from here.

souled store founder

There are many newcomers in this field and Vedang Patel is one of them the executive director and co-founder of the Souled Store. Vedang Patel completed his graduation from Sardar Patel Engineering College his mechanical engineering and as an automobile enthusiast revolved in making cars. He also worked for two years as a financial analyst and met two more The Souled Store founders. Vedang cleared CAT, secured IIMs admission calls and felt things becoming monotonous and initiate with his entrepreneurial journey.

The SouledStore sells insane merchandise. It is an e-commerce website that focuses on themes such as TV shows, pop culture, sports, music, superheroes, etc. They create all prints and stunning designs and this found right from the t-shirts to backpacks, phone covers to boxers.

The Souled Store

The products here specifically designed to spread happiness, reaching your ‘soul’. Vedang Patel, the main founder of Souled Store liked pop culture and star wars and liked their fan official merchandise availability. These were available as fake or at an exorbitant price. These expensive as it had different watermarks, prints, and shipping to India.

souled store review

Thus, Vedang and his co-founders came up with souled store business plan. They sold the licensed merchandise at cheaper rates in India. This idea took time, a few months to pick up. They pooled around Rs. 25 k and got a website service company, an e-commerce basic website and sold in the first week around 100 t-shirts. The souled store review and responses from our customers assisted in sealing the idea. As the next step to The Souled Store, the three founders pooled for the company Rs. 175K each and for the daily expenses Rs. 25K. This was the money saved and they initiated from a friends office, a cabin that had a room, a cupboard to stack out t-shirt lots. The trio did everything right from t-shirts designing to taking customers calls.

Taking with the business

The first lot of 100 t-shirts sold by The Souled Store was mostly to their family members and friends and this slowed in the next week when 5 to 10 t-shirts sold. Then, they tried to get visibility through Instagram, FB, and Google. Thereby improving SEO by posting contents on trending topics so that audiences related.  With products being on trend, the conversion started coming in.

website: thesouledstore
Contact Number: 022-39653110
Store Timings: From Monday to Friday @ 10AM to 5PM

Address Info:

Door No: 23/24,
Tantia Jogani Industrial Premises, 
J. R. Boricha Marg,
Opposite to Lodha Excelus, 
Mumbai – 400011

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Hindi Alphabets With Pictures

Hindi Alphabets With Pictures

Hindi Alphabets

Hindi is a language spoken widely. It is an Indo-Aryan language. This is the main language spoken in Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand.  In fact, the prominence of Hindi is so much that it is also spoken in central and north India in association with other languages such as Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali or Marathi. The other Indian parts such as Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan also use Hindi and you can find significant numbers of speakers in Mauritius, South Africa, Guyana, Fiji, Suriname, Nepal, Trinidad & Tobago. People in Fiji speak Hindi as they are of Indian origin and some Fijian people also speak Hindi.

hindi consonants

Hindi alphabets are in the Devanagari script. This is an official language of the Indian government, as the other language is English. In fact, both languages English and Hindi are used in communications between state and central government, in the judiciary, in the parliament, and other official purposes.

Hindi Letters

Hindi is related closely to Urdu, Pakistan’s language, written in Arabic script. Apart from the writing systems difference, the key difference is that Hindi has more of its vocabulary from Sanskrit, while Urdu vocabulary is from Persian.

Hindi was first used in 4th century AD in writing as the Brahmi script. But after the 11th century AD, the Hindi letters written in Devanagari alphabets.

hindi letters

In English, there are consonants and vowels and this is applicable to Hindi as well. There are Hindi consonants and Hindi vowels. In Hindi, the vowels come in the starting and the consonants take to another group.

Hindi Vowels referred to as ‘swar ‘in Hindi and they are:

Hindi alphabets have two modifiers and ten vowels. In the above picture, the symbols are shown below the alphabets and they are the “Matra” symbols. These Matra symbols are used as the vowels and consonants are written together.

Hindi Consonants

The consonants in Hindi called ‘vyanjan’. The Hindi vyanjan is 36 and they include the Hindi letters in English:

क – ka ख – Kha ग – Ga घ – Gha ङ – nga
च – cha छ – Chha ज – ja झ – jha ञ – nja
ट – Ta ठ – Tha ड – Da ढ – Dha ण – Na
त – ta थ – Tha द – da ध – dha न – na
प – pa फ – Pha ब – ba भ – bha म – ma
य – ya र – ra ल – la व – wa श – sha
ष – shha स – sa ह – ha क्ष – ksh त्र – tra
ज्ञ – gya

The Hindi Alphabets with Pictureshindi alphabets with pictures

The standard Hindi alphabets have 35 consonants and 11 vowels. However, the Hindi traditional alphabet made of 13 vowels and 33 consonants. The letters अं [am] and अः [ah] are regarded as vowels in Hindi traditional and as consonants in Hindi standard. It includes two letters ड़ [rr] and ढ़ [rh] taken as consonants in the official standard Hindi alphabets.

For more info, visit @ Hindi Consonants

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