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Top 10 of the Early Roman Armor and Costumes

Top 10 of the Early Roman Armor and Costumes

Early Roman Armor and Costumes

Those early Roman legions greatly helped in balancing and expanding modern Roman civilization. A Roman soldier always fought with an unusual formation of 5000 soldiers. People used to recognize these groups as Roman legion. This sort of orderly fighting tactic was a crucial factor at that time as this tactic severally helped them to crush their foes in a war. This Roman infantry came with an armory that enabled them to offer a rock-hard defense system. However, the irony is Roman General Armor missed the main thing, general criterion. Today we are going to explore 10 great ancient Roman costumes and Armor. Let’s take a look.

1. Belts

roman armor belts

Early Roman used to call it the ‘Balteus.’ It was an unusual military belt that soldiers used to wear over their shoulders. It was so long that it could easily reach their opposite hip. The soldiers frequently used it for hanging their sword or any essential military equipment.

This single belt could easily support a dagger. Historians found this type of belts in the Augustan era.

2. Legionnaire Swords

roman armor swords

Roman legions used the various sort of swords of diverse shapes and sizes. But they called the smallest ones as pugio. Gladius which is the Latin name of the sword was much smaller than the medieval swords. It was minimum 18 to maximum 24 inches long.

It was during the 2nd-3rd century AD when the Roman legions started using the long swords named spatha.

3. Tunic

roman armor tunic

The military made this tunic from a rectangular clothe. At first, the military tunics were sleeveless. Later on they started wearing full sleeve tunics.

4. Helmet

roman armor helmet

Roman soldiers wear this helmet to protect their head against foes in battlefields. Diverse units of Roman cavalry and legions wore helmets of different shapes and styles.

These types of helmets came with crest holders. Even these helmets had “U” shaped detachable holders at the back.

5. Segmented Armor

roman Segmented armor

This ancient Roman armor was famous by the name Lorica Segmentata. It featured metal hoops or strips molded into oval bands that had leather straps for fastening. On the inside, these metal strips had soft iron, and on the outer portion, it had steel. Trajan sculptures show many legionnaires who used to wear this particular segmented armor. Legions only don this armor, and these sculptures were the most significant evidence of that.

6. Greaves

roman armor greaves

Roman officers used Greaves as protective leg armor. The primary use of this armor was to guard the vulnerable tibia bone of the soldier against dagger or sword attacks.

7. Mail Armor

mail armor

The Roman military also knows this mail armor as Chainmail. They prepare this armor with metal rings to make a durable layer of protection. At first, Gauls used to wear this armor. Later on, Roman started incorporating this armor. They named it as Lorica Hamata. These small rings had interconnection with at least two other rings which made it a robust shield of protection.

8. Arm Guards

arm guards

This was a fairly popular armor amongst Roman gladiators during their early years. The Roman soldiers understood its effectiveness when they received thwarting blade cuts on their arms much later. The strong protection of bronze or iron with overlapping metal plates made them a perfect armor of that time.

9. Scale Armor

scale armor

The scaled armor became a popular armor. From cavalry troops to centurions, infantry, or even legionnaires preferred to wear it in the ancient Rome. They named it as Lorica Squamata. It featured small metallic scales with a fabric backing.

It provided even better protection against bludgeoning to the soldiers than the mail armor.

10. Caligae (military shoes /sandals with heavy soles)

roman armor Caligae

Caligae was famous military shoes that the early Roman cavalries and legions wore. These shoes represented the rise of the ancient Roman Empire. It showed that they would extend their border than before.


The Roman Empire won against the Greek; they started extending their borders. The new roman armor types helped the Romans to overcome rough weather conditions and territory for quick expansion. Their more realistic approach made sure that the Roman civilization can reach to the great heights.

To know more info, Click @ Roman Armor Clothing

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StudioFow – Upcoming Movies in Studio Fow

StudioFow – Upcoming Movies in Studio Fow

What is studioFow?

StudioFow is a North America / Canada based website. They proudly announced in their website that they publish disgusting, filthy and perverted content. Still, they get enough traffic. In the year 2018 on May studio f.o.w received 20,444 traffic ranking. It’s basically a pornographic site that creates **** films in 3D. They feature different game characters in these films.

Darkcrow which is the stage name of a person founded this site in the year 2014. is one of the most famous no profit group. People know them as 3D animators. The creators create Hentai parodies of famous heroines who have some connections with the video game. They work on the Kunoichi series. It’s again Hentai parodies. This one has a connection with Ninja Gaiden series.

studio f.o.w

This site has not only created hentai movies but also flash games and different animation loops. This company, Studiofow got featured in different significant publications. For example, they got featured in Kotaku, BBC, and Vice. This site gained fame when they created a 3D **** parody. This parody was of Tomb Raider which was a video game of 2013. It’s basically an action adventure game. Crystal Dynamics developed it. It came into existence in the year 2013 on 5th March. had a project related to  World of Warcraft. For this project, they received a cease-and-desist letter from Blizzard. This letter states that they cannot continue their activities. They had to stop their illegal activities and could not start it again. It happened in the year 2015. After this incident, they said they would not produce Overwatch pornography. This studio had written in their blog post that they were not happy with this particular process. But they didn’t want to argue as they had other important things to do such as feeding families and looking out for their team.

But this worked in favor of Overwatch. Soon after that, they released pornography related to Pokémon Go. Just after its release, people started to compare this with the previous video game, Overwatch.

studio f.o.w

It’s quite shocking that they directly wrote that they produced disgusting and perverted content but people still watched them. That’s how they made a generous amount of traffic and became one of the most visited 3D **** studios available on the World Wide Web.

People may be love to watch the parodies of the famous heroines from different video games. People have even found original characters occasionally. Apart from that, they may be love to watch their movies or play their flash games.

They can enjoy all these things for free which make this website more interesting and one of the most visited sites over the internet for ****.

If someone logs in to the site, he or she can easily find out them.

Apart from that, they provide customer support too. People have to log in to to get the support. They offer work opportunities also. They usually look for voice actresses to join their team. For that, they need the candidate to send a mail at

StudioFow Website: Studio Fow

Email Id:



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1337x Torrent Search Engine – Download Movies, Music & Games

1337x Torrent Search Engine – Download Movies, Music & Games

What is 1337x?

1337x is a site. It offers a torrent files directory and different magnet links. You can use them for peer-to-peer file sharing. You just have to use the BitTorrent protocol. People become surprised when they get to know this one is the third popular torrent site of 2018. A news blog, TorrentFreak has already published it.

The history of 1337x torrent

1337x torrent came into existence in the year 2007. They closed KickassTorrents in the year 2016. After that, the popularity of 1337x torrent increased a lot. In the year 2016 on October, they have introduced different new functionalities. They have redesigned the website too.

1337x unblocked

Google banned this site. That is why people used to search this popular site on Google but could not find it. In the year 2015, Feelgood Entertainment has requested to block this site. That is why Google blocked this site. After that, this site has transferred their .pl domain to .to domain to evade this block. So, 1337x unblocked is happy news for all the torrent lovers.

What to do if you cannot access 1337x torrent?

  • First of all, if 1337x torrent is not working, you can simply refresh the whole site. You can use any browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. All you have to do is press CTRL + F5 keys. You can easily access this site.
  • Apart from that 1337x proxy servers are genuinely beneficial. If you still cannot access 1337x, then you can switch to an alternative URL. This alternative URL is 1337xme.
  • You have to clear cookies and temporary cache from your browser. In short, there should be no recent versions of web pages.

The torrent site has been around for years. It has always been a reliable site. Recently they have seen a massive spike in business. That’s because it came into being once again. Still, if you want to know about 1337x proxy sites, you can check out the below instructions.


1337x proxy

This one is an online site where you can watch both TV shows and movies. All you have to do is use  BitTorrent protocol. You’ll get different categories of movies too so that you can choose your desired type quickly.


This one is one of the most powerful sound effects and sound engines of micro synth. You can do different filtration with excellent effects and superb polyphony.

Apart from that, you can try these sites too.

  • Extra Torrents
  • Yify torrents
  • SevenTorrents
  • Limetorrents
  • ISO Hunt

Is 1337x torrent safe?

1337x wiki

Well, this is one of the big questions. Well, the users of 1337x torrent consider it as safe. However, you have to face different options. For example, consider it as unsafe. That’s because of their practice of pirated content distribution. You’ll find malware too which can enter in your system if you download anything from Torrent.

But according to the transparency report of Google 1337x torrent is absolutely safe. So, you can browse it without worrying about anything.

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