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Ancient History of Ajanta Caves Tourism in Maharashtra

Ancient History of Ajanta Caves Tourism in Maharashtra

Ajanta Caves

The Ajanta Caves of Maharashtra has rich historical importance in the history of India. The Ajanta Ellora caves were the prominent Buddhist monuments of the second century. There are various examples of Buddhist architecture. In some of the paintings and crafts, you may also find the living depictions. The Ajanta and Ellora caves are in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Back in 1983, UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site.ajanta ellora

You will find many Buddhist religious arts and also scriptures in the Ajanta Ellora caves. Over time, these caves grew to influence the modern Indian art. It took two phases to build these caves. The first phase of building the Ellora caves began in 2nd Centuries BCE and also the second phrase started during the period of 460-480 CE. Several Chinese Buddhist Travellers have mentioned the Ajanta and Ellora paintings in their texts. These were the Chinese travelers who traveled to India during the period of Akbar in the 17th century.

Ajanta and Ellora Cavesajanta and ellora caves

Ajanta merged up with the Ellora caves. Ellora cave is one of the prominent attractions for tourists in Maharashtra. The same style of Ajanta is available in other parts such as the Ellora Caves, Aurangabad Caves, Shiveleni Caves, and also Elephanta Caves. In some of the caves of Maharashtra, the similar style came into existence. You can also find the Ajanta Express Train services from here.

The Ajanta painting talks about the Jataka Tales. The Jataka tales are the Buddhist legends related to the birth of Buddha. All these temples have the ancient morals and also cultural lores attached to it. Some of the tales and fables are even available in the Hindu and Jain texts. These also further depict the sacrifices that Buddha made and his incarnations. The various life examples of Buddha are also available in the tales.

Ajanta Caves Paintings

The Ajanta Ellora cave paintings have the mural paintings. These paintings have survived from the early and later period as well. The different fragments of the caves talk about the fragmented murals which are unique. These fragments talk about the Satavahana times as well.ajanta caves paintings

The other four caves have preserved the mural paintings which represent the Indian culture prominently. The Caves of number 16 and 17 are available in Caves 1 and 2. Some of the paintings are also the example of ‘dry fresco’ for the dry plaster. As per the literary texts, you will get to know about the Gupta period.

Various experts from the ancient times have analyzed and determined about the paintings of the Ajanta and also Ellora caves.

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The Top US Universities of the Academic Year of 2019

The Top US Universities of the Academic Year of 2019

US University Ranking

Several schools are the parts of the National University category. Among them, Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania are the most famous ones. They present a full assortment of undergraduate majors, masters, and also doctoral programs. They are here to accomplish pioneering research. Get info on US University Ranking from here.

You can have the full rankings of the universities and also their SAT/ACT scores. You have to register with the U.S. News College Compass.

Below, we are going to share some information regarding the finest 10 colleges of 2019 as per the U.S. News College Compass. Princeton University tops this list of US university ranking.

Princeton Universitytop universities in usa

It has top-ranked graduate programs. What makes Princeton’s academic program distinctive is that an undergraduate student has to do these things.

  • He has to write down a senior thesis or
  • He has to write it for fellow students in an engineering department
  • That student must do an autonomous project

Its distinguished alumni are Woodrow Wilson, the US president, and Brooke Shields, the model, and also an actress.

University of Harvardworld university rankings

With an overall undergraduate admission of 6,766, an urban setting, and with the campus dimension of 5,076 acres it builds an academic calendar that is semester based. Its rank is second in the 2019 version of top universities in the USA.

Columbia Universitybest universities in usa

It presents an extensive assortment of student activities that include approximately 25 Greek chapters. Over 90 % of its students live in the campus. It has affiliations with “Union Theological Seminary,” “Barnard College for women” and “Jewish Theological Seminary of America.”

Some of its eminent alumni include the ex-President Barack Obama and also John Jay. The university also oversees the Pulitzer Prizes.

Institute of Technology of Massachusettslist of universitites in usa

Massachusetts, MIT concentrates on technological and scientific research, and it has five school branches. Its research expenses have gone past $700 million in a year.

Besides its highly placed graduate schools, the university features excellent programs in psychology, economics, chemistry, biology, physics, earth sciences, and also mathematics.

It is mandatory for first-year students to live on the campus. Architect Steven Holl made one of its dorms that people know as “The Sponge.”

Another feature of this university is its Independent Activities Program that continues for four weeks and also offers distinctive courses, competitions, lectures, and projects.

University of Chicagous universities

This university in Hyde Park has a vibrant campus life. The college isn’t the only offering of the university.

It also offers postgraduate courses in the highly placed Law School, Booth School of Business, Harris School of Public Policy Studies and Pritzker School of Medicine.

First-year students have to live in the campus, and also over 50% of upperclassmen prefer staying in the campus. All On-campus students reside in “houses” that are in their dorm. Thus, they get the academic and community support that they need.

Yale Universityfamous universities in usa

This is a private institute came into existence in 1701. Its overall number of undergraduate students is 5,746, and its campus dimension is 345 acres. It has an academic calendar that is semester based. It shares the third place of world university rankings of 2019 according to its location with Columbia University, MITS, and also the University of Chicago.

The US universities that complete the list of the best universities are Stanford University, Duke University, University of Pennsylvania, John Hopkins University, and also Northwestern University.

To know more information about Universities, visit @ USA University List

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The world is Awaiting for the mid-range lower-priced Telsa Model 3

The world is Awaiting for the mid-range lower-priced Telsa Model 3

Cheapest Tesla

At present, Tesla is offering a pristine, more economical mid-range battery edition of Model 3. It offered for a price of $45,000, not considering federal tax incentives. CEO Elon Musk made this announcement of this variant with a projected battery range of 260 miles via Twitter. The company website update is complete. Get info on cheapest Tesla from here.

Prospective U.S buyers can place orders for this Tesla model 3 ranges today and it’s going to be available in Canada soon.

What is to do for capitalizing on complete federal tax incentive of this model?

The CEO tweeted that the cost of this cheaper Tesla model 3 would be $35,000 considering state and federal tax subsidies in California.what is the cheapest tesla

  • Nevertheless, if the customers want to take advantage of the complete federal tax incentive of $7,500, they have to Purchase the electric vehicle by the 31st of December of 2018.
  • The delivery approximation for this mid-range edition of the Tesla models is between 6 and 10 weeks. Thus, buyers must order it between late October and early November to enjoy the complete tax credit.

What started the trend of the federal tax credit of $7,500?

It was earlier this year that Tesla completed the delivery of its 200,000th electrical vehicle. This success was the starting point for the federal tax credit of $7,500 offered to those who purchase new electrical vehicles.tesla model 3 range

What the CEO has to say

  • Musk clarified in a later tweet that this mid-range vehicle features a long-range battery with fewer cells. However, they can take care of this disproportionately high percentage at this very moment.
  • He said that this is going to be the cheapest Tesla at almost $31k considering the gas savings

Despite this mid-range model being cheaper compared to the long-range Model 3 and the performance editions, it’s not the base-spec Model 3 of $35,000 as originally promised.


Tesla Model 4 will have a regular battery with a diverse architecture in just 4 to 6 months.

In an email statement, a company spokesperson said that he would introduce their pristine Mid-Range Battery. In this week in the United States and Canada.

The company spokesperson said that they would cater to different ranges of requirements of different people keen to have the Model 3. He also stated that the delivery approximation for those who’ve placed orders of this  Regular Battery 4-6 months.

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