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Did you know that the Walmart Money center cash checks?

Did you know that the Walmart Money center cash checks?

walmart check Cashing policy

If you have been wondering how to do Walmart check to cash, then here is the answer for you. At first, you have to fulfill some conditions. Then only Walmart will accept it. People also recognize these conditions as the thumb rules. Below, we have mentioned some facts about cashing a check at your local Walmart store.

Does Walmart cash checks? Well, if you want to know the answer, you have to visit the local Walmart store money center hours

Walmart check cashing policy allows the cashing of individual checks. They are:

  • Government checks
  • Payroll checks
  • Cashier’s Checks
  • Tax checks
  • MoneyGram money orders that you purchased using your Walmart Money Card
  • Retirement distribution checks from 401(k) employer-sponsored plan

The maximum amount you can check for cashing at Walmart is of $5000.

Additional fees

There is a Walmart check cashing fee which is quite affordable. The cost depends on the sum of the check that you want to cash.

The breakup of fees for Walmart check to cash is:

  • $3.00 for checks of a maximum of $1000
  • $6.00 for checks above $1000 to the maximum of $5000

How does Walmart pay the funds?walmart check cashing fee

You’ll get two options. You can receive your check amount in cash, or you can load the sum on a Walmart Money Card.

The Walmart money center hours start at 8 am and end at 10 pm. If you have any query, you are free to call up 1-800-WALMART from 7 am to 6 pm.

The benefit of purchasing a Walmart Money Card of $3 at a checkout lane or online is that you don’t need to pay the reload fee of $3.

Some important things to remember while chasing checks at Walmart

  • You can only cash printed checks
  • You have to cash it within 30 days from the check date
  • The person cashing the check must have a Valid ID
  • Walmart does not allow cashing two-party checks
  • If the check is in your name, you have to visit directly to the Walmart center to cash the check as no one can interfere in this.

Walmart doesn’t keep much cash in the store because of robberies. So, there is a limit of cashing which you have to know before visiting the store. The upper limit is $2000. If you want to get more information you can visit the official site of Walmart.

To check cash in Walmart, visit @ Walmart Cash Checks

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Get introduced to Watchlist, an excellent feature of eBay

Get introduced to Watchlist, an excellent feature of eBay

My eBay Watch List

Most of us have heard of the eBay website. If you are a prospective buyer of items available on eBay, you would be happy to know that it provides you with two powerful tools. With these tools, you can search and keep track of items that you feel you may wish to purchase. These two tools can add an item to the watch list. You can even follow a search with the help of these powerful tools. You will find these tools on all auction listing pages, and you can also search result pages accordingly.ebay watch list

Albeit only after logging in to eBay, you can use both the features.

The eBay watch list makes it easy to monitor an item that you want to. You have to add the item to the Watch List. It works just like a bookmark, and you can quickly return to look at the item that you have added.

The significance of watching an item on eBay

What does watching mean on eBay? It’s not a one-word answer.

Whenever you start watching an eBay item, the listing comes up in my eBay watch list. You have to utilize this Watch List.

  • Then only, you can view the present price of the item
  • You’ll get an email whenever there is a change in the status of the listing, or if relisting ever happens of an item.

what does watching mean on ebay

If you watch an item in my eBay, you can easily track it without placing a bid or without even purchasing it instantly. Once you make your mind up to place a bid or buy the concerned item, you just have to click on the listing which you have added to my eBay watch list.

This watch list lets you keep track of as many as 200 items at once.

Adding an item to the watch list on the eBay website and mobile app is easy

On the eBay site, you can navigate the listing to choose your preferred item and click on “Add to watch list.” You’ll find this button just under “Place bid” and “Buy It Now.”

There is no doubt that the watch list is a handy feature of eBay. eBay has another feature for watching an item. It also saves your valuable time. With the help of this feature, you can add a shortcut to your preferred item. In this way, you can insert your preferred items to your Watch List without opening each listing.

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All of Your Entertainment Needs In One Place at Tamilanda

All of Your Entertainment Needs In One Place at Tamilanda


As far as music is concerned, almost no one these days uses the TV for such purposes. The internet is the hub for all such activities. As a result, more and more websites with similar themes are popping up every day. If you are looking for Tamil music and other media, then Tamilanda is the place for you.

The trend these days is that there are websites which provide services to people that allow them to download music, videos, and movies all at once. Not only that, it is all for free. Similarly, Tamiloneindia is one such website which does most of the same things but for the Tamil entertainment industry only.


All in One Place

As mentioned before, the main attraction for this site and other ones similar to it, is that everything is provided in one single place with fail. If you are looking for something new or something specific, you can get it right here with the push of a button. Some of the main forms of media that you will get here are:


This is the most common thing that people want from sites such as these. After all, you will get all of the latest ones for free.


If you are interested in exclusive photos of your favorite celebrities and artists, then this is the place you want to come to. There is more than enough to fill your needs.तमिलनाडु


Another small thing that you will get here is the exclusive biographies and information regarding said celebrities. For those interested in small trivia and things like that, this is what you want.

Free of Charge

The best aspect of तमिलनाडु is that it is completely free of cost. Their revenue comes from the advertisements posted on their site, so need to worry about scams and such. All the things that have been mentioned before can all be accessed without giving any money to anyone. The only thing you need is to make an account, which is obviously free of cost.Tamilanda wiki


If you need more info about this site, you can always visit the Tamilanda wiki page. There are plenty of interesting things to know about this site so always keep your guard up. If you enjoy such content and want it for free, just make sure that you pay them a visit. Everything you need is found archived in one place.

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