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The Top 10 Names of the Early Greek Goddesses

The Top 10 Names of the Early Greek Goddesses

What is a Greek goddess?

The early Greek gods were heroic and astonishing. But Greek goddesses were nothing less than them. They were supremely powerful, popular as well as symbolical. Such ancient goddesses like the Olympian gods used to reside in the empires of heavens over Mount Olympus. Their extreme power controls individual parts of life. The list of Greek Goddesses ranges from the caring Rhea who took the risk to trick her hubby. With this act, she proved that a mother could do anything to save her children. She saved her children from Hera or Athena, the much-revered goddess among Greek gods and mortals. Today we are going to explore 10 ancient and powerful Greek goddesses names.

1. Hestiagoddesses of greek

She is the goddess of hearth who remained pure for her entire life to keep her promise made to Zesus. She never got married. Greek people considered her as the holy symbol of tranquillity in regular domestic life. She was one of the mighty Greek goddesses as she was the symbol of important cities and colonies available in that early Roman era.

2. Hebegreek goddesses images

The daughter of Hera and Zesus represented everlasting and eternal beauty and youth. That is why people regarded her as the deity of youth in the Greek tradition. Many believed that she had the power of giving the youthfulness back to the old people.

3. Nemesis

Nemesis used to be the deity of retribution. Her job was to punish those who performed sinful acts against others. She used to convert their good fortune into a devastating situation as those heinous people were not worthy of this fortune. She also maintained the balance of human life.

4. LetoLeto greek goddess

People used to know her for her long-struggling period as a mother and considered her as the deity of motherhood.  She remained a caring, modest, and revered figure among the Greek legends.

5. Rhearhea greek goddess

Rhea gave birth to the first generation of Olympian deities. That is why she was also famous as a mother goddess.

6. Aphroditeaphrodite goddess

She was widely popular as the most attractive deity with an angelic appearance. Thus, she got the name of the goddess of love, beauty, and desire. People used to believe that she was a decisive factor in the usual cycle of birth, demise, and rebirth of every mortal and living being in nature.

7. Demeterdemeter greek goddess

As the deity of grain and harvest, she enjoyed a higher rank in the tradition of early Greece. She has blessed humans with improved crop and agriculture. She was the creator of seasons that favored plantation.

8. Artemiswhat is a greek goddess

People know Artemis best as the deity of the hunt and usual environment, to name a few. She ascertained herself as a skillful archer and expert huntress. Artemis deserved this title of the defender after her support to Leto in giving birth to Apollo.

She was the deity of virginity as well as she stayed a virgin throughout her life.

9. Heralist of greek goddesses

People knew her the most as the deity of wedding and birth. She always showed distinctive interest in defending married ladies and sustaining the holy bond of two souls bound in a wedded relation. Hera was also the queen of every god as she was Zeus’s wife.

10. Athena

The deity of wisdom, reasoning and intellect, Athena, tops this list. She believed in combating for justice and virtue. She participated in wars for defending her state against outside attacks.

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The Things to Know About Zomato Other Than the Yummy Foods

The Things to Know About Zomato Other Than the Yummy Foods


Zomato, ever since its inception in the year 2008, has been a boon for all food loves, around India. The services of Zomato are provided in all cities of India. The name of the founders is Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah. It is the present day, not only provides its services in India but in 24 different countries all over the world. And It provides with all the requisite information regarding food items as well as places associated with them. It provides different images of the place as well as the menu cards. In many cases, when the restaurant doesn’t have its own website, Zomato provides all the requisite information about it.

zomato wiki

A brief history

Zomato started its operations, under the name of Foodiebay in the November of 2010. The Zomato history is very interesting and inspirational in nature. Within one year of establishing the company, the sheer popularity of the company made it open centers in big cities such as Bangalore, Pune, and Ahmedabad etc. The .xxx domains had just came into the market back then and soon enough Zomato had a site running dedicated to food ‘****’. The company also then launched a book serving as a restaurant guide. Whenever you have doubts such as what is zomato, you can always look up the internet.

Foreign ventures

zomato foreign branches

It was in the year 2012, the company expanded overseas, starting with UAE, Sri Lanka and going all the way to the UK and South Africa. The websites as well as apps of the company in these countries written in the local languages. The Zomato Wikipedia, has everything listed there for people to know. When Zomato acquired Urbanspoon in the USA, the firm had taken its entry into the USA. The latest concept of cloud kitchen, extremely beneficial for restaurants and has got restaurateurs hooked to Zomato’s services. Other models such as zero commissions have also made Zomato a favorite among restaurant owners.

Investments of the company

what is zomato

Between the years 2010 and 2013, जोमाटो had raised nearly 16.7 million USD from Info Edge India.  A total of 225 million USD has come from fundings since then. Considering the global scenario, it has acquired 12 startups from throughout the world. There loads of great logistics partners associated with the company too. The zomato wiki will tell you, that in spite of small hiccups, the company has been expanding ever since its formation.

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What You Need To Know Axis Bank Before Investing Money There?

What You Need To Know Axis Bank Before Investing Money There?

Axis Bank

The Axis Bank is one of the largest private sector banks existing in India in the present times. It provides a wide range of financial products and services. The head office of the bank is located in Mumbai. Throughout India, it has more than 3703 branches. It has its presence in the international market too, namely in 9 countries around the globe. The existing capital of the bank stands at 1.31 trillion USD. The financial services offered by it mostly taken by mid-level corporate houses as well as retail houses. एक्सिस बैंक has really supportive of all its Indian customers over the years.

एक्सिस बैंक

The legacy of the bank

It was in the year 1993, that Axisbank, opened offices in Ahmedabad and Mumbai simultaneously. The axis bank history is therefore quite rich and illustrious in nature. The then finance minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, had inaugurated the first-ever branch of the bank in 1994. Different Insurance companies initially came together to support this bank. It was initially known as the UTI bank and a change of name came into effect only in the year 2007. There are lots of important information about this bank which can be accessed from axis bank wiki. The bank got listed into the London Stock Exchange in 2005 and it has also become the first bank to launch travel currency card in 2003.

Financial services

about axis bank

Axisbank knew all over the world to provide lots of varied financial services for its customers. In the retail section, the bank offers its services to different small businesses as well as individuals. The name of the bank can found in the RBI’s list of NEFT enabled banks. It also provides with NRI services for people residing outside India.

Corporate Banking

axis bank history

When you go through the axis wiki, you will find that the bank provides with really good corporate banking services. When it comes to credits, the bank know to provide with the loan based as well as fee-based products. The customers are usually Small and Medium Enterprises. The liability products that the bank takes into account include certificates, deposits as well as current accounts. If you wish to find out more information about the axis bank and its financial services, then you can visit their official website. The treasury of the bank manages all kinds of funding that the bank conducts. Mutual fund investments also made here.

Bank wEbsite: AxisBank

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