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How Many Pastel Colors are There?

How Many Pastel Colors are There?

Pastel Colors

The twelve main colors come together to form the color wheel. These usually comprise of the primary three colors, yellow, blue and red, the three secondary ones are orange, purple and green and finally comes the six tertiary colors red-orange, blue-purple, blue-grey, red-purple, green-eyed low and yellow-orange. Pastel Colors are usually the soft, light shade of the Colors usually that of primary and secondary.what are pastel colors

What are pastels colors types?


When talking of the list of pastel colors, red never crosses our mind, instead of pink. Pink is the combination of red and white and extremely popular. It also has a lighter shade often referred to as tea rose, Nadeshiko pink and cherry blossom pink. If you want to make pastel pink, just take white color and faintly keep adding red to it until you get pink.


White and pink shades can help to turn orange in softer pastels. Some of the fine examples of soft orange pastel are sherbet orange, apricot and atomic tangerine. Although pastel orange has a mixture of white and orange, a base of pink can also contribute to making pastel orange.


Siege-yellow or fluorescent yellow-green are the lighter shades of yellow. But when it comes to pastel, there are some pretty much attractive shades. Yellow is a very bright Colors but gradually adding it to the white base can help you attain the perfect shade of pastel yellow.pastel colors list


Honeydew and celadon are some of the prime examples of pastel green although there are only a limited number of pastels green. To make up pastel green, you need to add green paint to a white base or yellow and light blue to the white base. It will help you to get tea green, Paris green, mint ***** and so on.


Some of the prominent shades of blue include powder blue, sky blue, Alice blue and more. You can definitely prepare this effortlessly. All you have to do is add blue paint to the white base gradually.


Purple is the perfect combination of the white and red. There is a list of pastel colors for purple. If you want to prepare a purple pastel hue, just take the white base. Either you have to keep on adding purple to it or red to it gradually to get the lighter shades.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, the Greatest Football Player Ever

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Greatest Football Player Ever

Cristiano Ronaldo is from which country?

There is a Portuguese professional football player who has represented Real Madrid, Manchester United, and his national team. He and Argentina’s Lionel Messi are famous as the most exceptional players worldwide. He went to become the costliest player in the World when Real Madrid made a 94 million Euros contract with Manchester United for him in 2009. His name is Cristiano Ronaldo. Because of his continuous excellent performances, he achieved so many things.

  • He has made the record for his goal scoring
  • He has got the title of the FIFA player of the year on five occasions

A hot topic that surrounds the football starronaldo from which country

A much-debated question about the footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo children. Many mysteries continuously surround his first three children. He is now the father of four children and lives with his ********** Georgina Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo now ranks amongst the iconic footballers. He is the one of Best Top 10 Football Players List.

A short biography of the footballer

His place of birth was “Portuguese isle of Madeira.”

He started his career in club football with Sporting CP. He signed up with Manchester United when he was just 18 years old. The first trophy that he won was the FA Cup, and he won it in the first season in the English league. He followed this win with several titles for United. These included:cristiano ronaldo children

  • Three Premier League titles in consecutive years
  • One UEFA Champions League title
  • One FIFA Club World Cup

The vital part of the Cristiano Ronaldo biography is the nominations and awards that he received.

They include:

  • Nominations for Ballon d’Or & FIFA World Player of the Year award when he was 22.
  • He was the winner of the foremost Ballon d’Or award & FIFA World Player of the Year award when he was just 23
  • He received Ballons d’Or in the years 2013 and 2104 and in the years 2016 and 2017 respectively
  • FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball in 2016

The trophies that he won with Real Madridcristiano ronaldo wiki

Ronaldo was the winner of 15 trophies while playing for real Madrid. Among them are:

  • A couple of La Liga titles
  • A couple of Copas del Rey
  • UEFA Champions League titles on four occasions
  • A couple of UEFA Super Cups
  • FIFA Club World Cups on three occasions

In the year 2018, Juventus signed the famous footballer in a transfer that was worth €100 million. This is a record sum that an Italian club has paid and the most massive transfer fee for a player aged over 30 years.

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Know the Latest Updates on Ban on Plastic

Know the Latest Updates on Ban on Plastic

Plastic Ban and Alternatives to Plastic

Plastic is a synthetic material made from organic polymers such as PVC, Nylon, etc. They mold it in different forms. We can make a lot of things from plastic. We can see plastic bags and items made from it everywhere. It has become a part of modern lives. If plastic is so useful in our day to day life, then why there is a ban on plastic in most of the countries? Let’s find out.

Why Ban Plastic bags? Let’s find out

Plastic bags harm human health. Chemicals from plastic bag disrupt the normal functioning of the hormones in the body. Plastic bags have pollutants such as polychlorinated biphenyl and Poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. They disrupt hormones.countries that ban plastic bags

Plastic bags pollute our water and land: We generally see plastic bags thrown out in open areas. These are light in weight and they can stay between trees and can end up with polluting different water bodies.

Plastic bags are not easy to recycle and are non – degradable. Recycling them also ends up these materials in oceans and landfills.

Countries that have banned plastic bags:

Countries in Asia like China began the ban before the 2008 Olympic Games. It caused the two-third reduction in plastic bag usage. Countries like India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and even Bangladesh have also banned these bags, and people have to pay taxes for these plastic bags.

Denmark was the first country to levy a tax on plastic usage. Europe has been active in banning plastic. Europe has seen an 80% drop in usage of plastic bags. Countries like Scotland, Germany, Italy, England, and Wales have also banned plastic.

future of the earth

Image Source:

In Africa, more than 15 countries have a complete ban on plastic or have levied taxes on them. Africa has taken the plastic problem and ban on plastic. Countries like Mali, Ethiopia, Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda have banned plastic completely.

In the United States California became the first state to ban plastic or charge taxes for using it. Many cities and states in the US have started the ban on plastic. Mexico and some Canadian territories have started acting upon this.

Alternative for Plastic:

There are few alternatives for plastic which come with many pros and fewer cons. The future of the earth depends on how we find alternatives for plastic and use them. The anti-plastic movement is evolving. Recycling it is not enough we need a major lifestyle shift.

  • Glass
  • Reusable bags
  • Liquid wood
  • Fungi
  • Milk Protein
  • PCL Polyesters
  • Wood Pulp
  • Hemp

For more info, visit @ Plastic Pollution

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  1. India is the best place for many birds. Here, you can find many popular birds. To get the complete list of the Indian Birds , the user needs to visit the below URL. Get the Birds in India and more from,

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