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Waht Documents Required for Passport in India

Waht Documents Required for Passport in India

Documents Required for Passport

Do you want to apply for your passport? Are you aware of all the documents needed to apply for a passport? Let’s check out. Get to know info on documents required for Passport from here.

If you are an adult or a Senior citizen, then you need to submit these documents.

Documents required for passport in India

First of all, you have to submit an Address proof if you require a passport immediately. Now let’s check what documents you can provide as your Address Proof.passport application documents required

  • Do you have a bank account in regional rural banks, public sector banks or private sector banks? Then you can submit the Passbook photo of the bank as an Address Proof.
  • You can submit the Aadhaar card as well.
  • You can also submit a rent agreement.
  • Apart from that, the first page and the last of any passport hold the details of your family. It also mentions the applicant’s name as the passport holder. So, you can show the passport copy of spouse as an Address Proof.
  • Next you can submit the Electricity Bill.
  • You can also submit the water bill or your phone bill.
  • Proof of your Gass connection and Income Tax Assessment Order are equally valid.

Next comes in this passport documents list is the Age Proof.

Passport Documents List 

– Submit any of these documents as Age Proof.documents required for passport in india

  • You can submit the Birth Certificate.
  • Driving license is another important document.
  • You can submit your Pan Card or Voter ID Card as well.
  • If the head of the child care home or orphanage home confirms the date of the birth of any candidate, he or she can submit that document as an Age Proof.
  • You can definitely submit your driving license.
  • Aadhaar card or e-aadhar card is equally valid.
  • If any Public Life Insurance company issues any policy bond, you can submit that too. But your date of birth should be there.
  • The applicant can submit the service record of the applicant like Pay Pension Order. But he or she has to be a retired government servant. That document has to be an attested document or an officer, or an administrative officer has to certify that document.
  • You can also submit your school leaving certificate as Age Proof.

This is the passport documents list. Apart from that, passport application documents required for minors are the same. So you can submit the same documents as proof.

Documents for Passport Website:

Passport TollFree Number: 1800 – 258 – 1800

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Alibaba India Shopping Website

Alibaba India Shopping Website

Alibaba India

You cannot buy anything from Alibaba as it’s not a transactional site. But you’ll see some sellers listed in this site. You can buy from them. This site is a directory available for the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. Get to know more detailed on Alibaba India india shopping

People sometimes ask is Alibaba India safe to buy? Let us inform you that Alibaba is completely legit as well as safe.

How to buy on Alibaba India

  • If you want to buy anything from Alibaba India, you have to be aware of a few things. Let’s check out those things before starting Alibaba India shopping.
  • Alibaba India sometimes takes 60 days to deliver one item. So, you have to wait too long to get one item.
  • Next, you may not get the item at all. Now you must be wondering why we till call this site safe! That’s because of their policy of Purchase Protection.

alibaba online shopping india

  • You pay an amount upfront. If you don’t get the product, the seller will not get the money too. You’ll receive a full refund after claiming it.
  • Within just one to two week you’ll get the refund in your bank account.

In short, if you want to order something on Alibaba India, order those products for which you can wait longer. Also, keep in mind that if you don’t receive it finally, you cannot get disappointed.

How to understand the quality of the productHow to buy on alibaba india

  • If you want to know the quality of the product, ask the seller for a sample shipment so that you can check the quality. Different sellers are available who offers free samples. You can even offer them to pay for a sample. It depends on the category of the product.
  • Apart from that, you should talk to the customer support of Alibaba before making any deal. It’ll be a safer step before investing your hard earned money.

There are many great products are available on this site. You have to choose wisely. Before taking a random step after seeing the picture of the product, don’t forget to ask for a sample even if you have to pay for it. That’s because it is the best way to purchase something from Alibaba India.

Alibaba Website:

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What is Ultimatix?

What is Ultimatix?


This question is one of the most asked questions on the web. What is Ultimatix? Well, we would like to keep it short and simple so that you can understand it quite easily. Each organization dedicates a web-based portal to the employees. It’s basically an app, and also it depends on mobiles or smartphones. Only the employees of a particular company can access this app.What is ultimatix

Ultimatix TCS is a similar kind of app that is available only for the TCS employees. TCS has full control over Ultimatix. That is why people know it as TCS Ultimatix. This website controls a vast number of employees from TCS. The best thing is it provides excellent services to the workers.

Now you must be wondering what information will be available in Ultimatix TCS.

Well, the employees of TCS can check the code of conduct, company policies, and also different other essential functionalities. The utilization doesn’t end here. Let’s check out its other utilizations.

  • The employees can raise different issues related to work.
  • Filling timesheet is an utilization of this app.
  • They can apply for different claims through Ulti Matix.
  • Apart from that, for the appraisal, they can even set goals.
  • With the help of this Ulti Matix, they can fill up competency exam applications.
  • The employees can apply for casual or sick leave.
Apart from that, Ultimatix has different other utilizations.ultimatix wiki

Ultimatix comes with the instant messaging facility. So the employees can send a text. That is why people also know it as “same time.” The employees of TCS can share their knowledge as this one is a knowledge sharing platform too. Knowmax helps to connect as well as sharing knowledge.

Employees of TCS have to log in to Ultimatix to start their day. Each employee has a different ID and password. So, it’s an employee account. Ulti Matix holds the details of the employee, the demands of the employee, salary payments, and even internal news among employees. It basically works like a social media site for them. Anyone can check anyone’s mobile number, job post, etc. with the help of Ulti Matix.

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